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HERE’S THE TRUTH: About Background Checks and Mass Murderers That Liberals Don’t Want You to Know

The gun grabbers would like to make you think that all they want is background checks so that they can prevent massacres, but here’s the truth.

If CNN’s sources are correct, then the murderer—who was legally prevented from possessing any firearm under both South Carolina and federal laws—was able to buy his handgun through a licensed dealer because the FBI NICS background check database did not have him listed as a prohibited person, despite his February arrest more than 60 days before.

The background check system simply does not prevent mass killings. More than a dozen mass killers bought their firearms legally since federal background checks were implemented. The rest simply went around the failed system, either murdering to get their guns as the child killer did at Sandy Hook, or through illegal straw purchases as they did at Columbine, or through theft, as they did in Joneboro.

Background checks—universal or otherwise—are no impediment to mass killers, and the most devastating mass killers in modern American history haven’t even used firearms, but have instead relied upon bombingattacks and arson.

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