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PAMELA GELLER: Says O’Reilly Won’t Have Her On for This Reason (And We Think She’s Right)

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Pamela Geller revealed who hasn’t asked her to make an appearance on their show, which included Bill O’Reilly. She also gave the reason why she think he won’t have her on – and we think that she is probably right. Check it out…

Are there any TV hosts who have been particularly hostile to you during interviews?

Yes. Martha MacCallum, Erin Burnett, Alisyn Camerota, Chris Cuomo — although he let me speak and make my case.

How about behind your back?

Yes. Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham. They said I was insulting the entire religion, one held by our moderate allies such as Egypt and Qatar. They are wrong in assuming that we must submit to Sharia to placate moderates, rather than that moderates need to accept the freedom of speech. Roman Catholics don’t like their religion mocked or the mockery of other religions, but Roman Catholics don’t kill when their religion is mocked — and so no one talks about “provoking” them or “respecting” them. In any pluralistic society, we have to put up with being offended and even with our core beliefs being mocked. Roman Catholics have learned that. Mormons and others have learned that — look at The Book of Mormon on Broadway. Why must we condescend to Muslims and think they cannot learn that? It’s the low expectation of soft bigotry.

Are there any TV hosts you’d like to face off with but who won’t have you on?

Bill O’Reilly. I expect he knows he would be shown up.

Read the full interview: The Hollywood Reporter

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