ROAD RAGING MUSLIM: Forgets He’s In Texas, It Doesn’t End Well For Him

As usual, they are trying to sue for a ‘hate crime’.

HOUSTON – Relatives said Ziad Abu Naim, 42, was shot in a road rage argument on Friday and is not expected to survive.

He is partially paralyzed and is being kept alive by machines at Memorial Hermann Hospital, according to relatives.

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However, Naim’s fate isn’t why loved ones are afraid to show their faces. “No one should be shot like that,” said a niece, who did not want to be identified. “That was brutal and cruel.”

Houston Police said a man shot Naim in the face during a road rage argument on Greenridge Drive and Fairdale Lane.

The shooter told police it was self-defense.

He claims he fired one shot after Naim got out his Porsche throwing punches.

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