ANN COULTER: ‘Trump Doesn’t Go Far Enough on Illegal Immigrants, There Are No Good Ones’

Ann Coulter just took Donald Trump’s comments one step further. What do you think?

Outspoken commentator and writer Ann Coulter joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity to deliver to the viewing audience exactly what she thinks about Donald Trump’s stance on immigration – and she didn’t mince words.

“My only quibble with [Trump] is that, No. 1, it’s legal immigrants, too. And, No. 2, there are no good ones,” Coulter said on “Hannity” Monday.

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Coulter called Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration “fantastic,” but made the argument that he doesn’t quite go far enough.

Coulter told Hannity the immigration epidemic in the U.S. is the most important issue facing the nation. She explained that not only are those who sneak over the border illegally a drain on the economy, but so are today’s immigrants who are coming in legally.

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