‘DISARM THE POLICE’ PROTESTORS: Start Burning the Flag, Then Guess Who They Call to Save Them

The anti-cop group that started burning the flag in New York was quickly met with angry bikers – which led them to need saving from, you guessed it, the cops.

Anti-NYPD group Disarm the Police staged a flag-burning protest on Wednesday night for what they claimed was a stand against the Charleston church massacre – but the activists had to be rescued by none other than New York’s finest.

The scene at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn descended into madness when the fiery stunt was crashed by a group of bikers opposing the flags being burned.

Disarm the Police had announced on their Facebook page that they planned to light up both American and Confederate flags – saying they both ‘symbols of oppression’ – with over 350 people responding as attending.

However 40 members of the Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club turned up at the scene about 8 pm to make sure no more flags were burned.

NYPD officers who were at the scene in front of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument – a memorial to the more than 11,500 American prisoners of war who died in captivity aboard British prison ships during the Revolutionary War – as a precaution then had to step in to make sure no fights broke out.

According to the bikers, the protesters needed that protection.

‘They took off like little b—-es,’ said one biker told The New York Post.

‘They lit the f—ing flag and took off running once they got slapped once or twice.’

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