MONTEL: ‘Mr. President, Lower the Flag, Stop Making Service Members Wonder What They’re Fighting For’

Montel Williams is ticked at Obama over his actions after the Chattanooga shooting, or lack thereof, and he’s not hiding it. He posted these scathing messages on Facebook which have been ‘Liked’ almost 500,000 times together. Check it out…

As a Citizen, I am wondering why flags are not flying at half staff in wake of‪ #‎Chattanooga‬ – maybe I’m missing something but service members and law enforcement gunned down for no other reason than wearing a uniform seems to merit that measure of solemn respect.

He then post this as a follow up, two days later:

So, its now Monday evening. Did I miss an explanation from this President as to why he hasn’t ordered the flag to half mast after 5 service members and 1 police officer were assassinated by a deranged terrorist in Chattanooga, Tennessee????? Serious question.

They were assassinated in cold blood right here in the United States simply for wearing a uniform… By a terrorist… Does that not merit a measure of solemn respect? Mr. President, lower the flag and stop making servicemembers wonder what they are fighting for, please sir.

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