CHICK CAN’T MEET POPE: For Two Hilarious Reasons

You would think it would just be common sense to wear a bra when seeing the Pope, but alas, common sense is not so common.

A controversial glamour model was escorted from a public gathering to see the Pope because she was wearing a revealing top without a bra, it has been revealed.

Busty Victoria Xipolitakis, 29, from Argentina, wore just a tiny white top under blue dungarees during her attempt to get an audience with Pope Francis in Asuncion, Paraguay.

But when guards noticed what she was wearing and the public began yelling insults, security and police officer quickly escorted her away.

The controversial pin-up is no stranger to attracting attention and has already been involved in two other scandals this year.

Only six months ago was she accused of using Photoshop to make a picture of her bum seem curvier after being declared the queen of a local carnival.

And just a few weeks ago two pilots were sacked from Austral Airlines after taking selfies with her in the cockpit, and letting her take the controls.

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