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HOW ABOUT THIS: Tax Politicians, Not Gun Owners, Until They Stop Punishing the Good People

The Seattle City Council proposed a tax on guns and ammunition. I propose a different tax.. on politicians.

Despite the fact that local gun laws are pre-empted by Washington state law, the city council says they need a gun tax due to the social cost of guns.

I get it. City councils across the country will tax any political minority they don’t like… and for obvious reasons. One is a culture war to cleanse the community of those who hold minority views. That makes the majority more comfortable despite their lip service to diversity. Cultural cleansing also makes it easier for politicians to get re-elected.

The second reason to tax honest and honorable firearms owners is even simpler to understand. Spending tax money is how politicians get re-elected. In this case, the question isn’t why gun owners were targeted by the anti-rights city council. They real question is why gun owners were not taxed and fined years ago given the skewed and anti-rights slant of these elected officials.

Gun owners in Washington State have not lived up to their reputation. Rather than being quick to anger, Washington gun owners have remained politically inert as the right of armed self-defense has been attacked time after time. I hope this plan will wake up Washington State firearms owners.

I propose a citizens initiative to tax politicians. The city council said we must tax guns because of the harm done with a gun. The city council ignores a bigger problem; nothing is as dangerous and destructive as a politician.

Politicians deserve the blame for the high unemployment rate in Seattle. To begin, Seattle politicians passed regulations that drove companies out of business. That drove up unemployment, particularly among minority teens. I propose a tax on each politician, whether they hold a paid position or not.

High unemployment has other effects. It leads to high rates of addiction. Addiction leads to broken homes. Broken homes lead to fatherless children, gangs, and failing schools. I propose we tax each politician who is married to pay for the cost of addiction treatment and broken families. I propose an additional tax on each of the politician’s children and pets to pay for the cities fatherless children.

Some might claim that I’m being unfair to the politicians. I have simply pointed out the massive harm they have caused to society. I’ve asked politicians to pay a mere token amount of the monetary damages politicians have caused to society as a whole.

Supporters of the Seattle City Council could object that law-abiding politicians are innocent of wrong doing and are being punished for the actions of other corrupt officials who broke the law.

Hmm. If that is how you feel, then why didn’t you object when the City Council taxed honest and law abiding gun owners for the action of Seattle criminals?

Double standard much?


Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.