BLACK TEEN: Drives SUV Through Car Dealership Window, Gets Shot by Cop (VIDEO)

Would the cop have shot someone who was white that did this? Most likely. But there will probably be riots anyway.

Surveillance video has emerged showing a Texas college football player damaging and breaking into a car at a dealership lot, before he was later shot dead by police.

The FBI has been asked to help investigate the death of 19-year-old Christian Taylor, who was fatally shot by an officer during a burglary call at a car dealership, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said Saturday.

The footage revealed Taylor, wearing sunglasses, slammed a car window with his fist, before he walked a few steps away from the vehicle. Taylor turned around and began walking on the car’s front hood — and was caught on camera kicking the front windshield.

Taylor pulled a piece of the glass windshield out before looking at his hand and putting it up toward his face. Footage showed Taylor repeatedly jumped on the hood of the car, causing it to shake.

He yanked on glass and pulled out the rear-view mirror, before he lowered himself into the vehicle. Later, Taylor was filmed exiting the driver’s side door and walking through the dealership parking lot, stepping over a gate.

Surveillance footage revealed that a vehicle drove through the gate and up toward the car dealership, before it drove into it. Video showed police later walked through the parking lot and approached the building, before an ambulance showed up.

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