‘DEAL WITH IT’: Trump Just Did The Most Patriotic Photo Shoot EVER for TIME Magazine

Donald Trump just landed the cover of TIME magazine – and his photo shoot with them was nothing short of epic. Trump goes big or goes home…and he never goes home.

Biz Pac Review – Donald Trump is making his first appearance on a Time magazine cover since 1989 this week and the message is as clear to doubters of all political stripes:

“Deal with it.”

The article explores Trump’s unlikely catapult from outlier in the Republican potential field to an established front-runner in only a few months, all the while violating what appeared to be nearly every cardinal rule of American politics.

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He’s offensive, he’s brash. And his take-no-prisoners approach seems calculated to ruffle feathers of established Republicans as well as his campaign rivals. (Via)

Here are some of the pictures from Trump’s Twitter page:

Here is the video from TIME:

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