DONALD TRUMP: Has Turned Conservatives Into Liberal Word Police

Published on August 8, 2015

Donald Trump is helping us to see exactly who the hypocrites are.

by Tommy Christopher, Mediaite

Just when you thought Donald Trump‘s presidential run couldn’t get any more absurd, the real estate mogul embroils himself in a feud with Fox News’Megyn Kelly, and consequently turned the most influential voice of the online right into a humorless college student looking for a safe space. Redstate chief Erick Erickson has banned Donald Trump from the Redstate gathering over his offensive comments, an irony so rich, you could frost a gay wedding cake with it.

It would be a simple matter to ask whether Erickson wants his daughter to hear someone call a blonde legislator “Abortion Barbie,” or call a female White House official a Nazi, or call people “whores,” or recommend banning his wife and daughter from a golf club, or tell Texas women to go get some coat-hangers, or call a Supreme Court justice a “goat fucking child molester” (I believe “goat-fucking” should be hyphenated), or any of the other gross things Erickson says, but I’m not going to do that. Well, I’m notjust going to do that.

Erickson is the face of a conservative movement that never shuts up about how the politically-correct word police uses outrage over terminology to silence opposition and insulate themselves from uncomfortable opinions. And yet, he has just silenced Donald Trump so that he can create a safe space for his followers.

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