MSNBC: Bullies Black Trump Girls, Check Out The Ladies’ Hilarious Response

Published on August 15, 2015

Remember these ladies? They’re now known as the Trump-for-Stump ladies. Their YouTube rant video defending Donald Trump went viral not too long ago. So viral, that they were invited to do an interview with MSNBC. Although, they were uninvited to the interview for refusing to answer some very personal questions, so they posted this hilarious response. Can you imagine if FOX NEWS bullied and hounded two black Hillary supporters like that?

In their video description they laid out the situation:

MSNBC weekend show UP WITH STEVE KORNACKI, (Steve was a former Dunkin’ Donuts boy), invited us on his show to speak about our support for Trump. But then at the very last second uninvited us when we wouldn’t provide the name of our employers, and deeply personal information. Why they need that? So they could do a hit piece on us. So after dedicating 4 hours to be on his show, they cancelled us because we want to protect our privacy. They try to spread hate about Trump at MSNBC, and now they try to do it to us. But we don’t play that game, we fight fire with fire! Please share this video to help us get the word out!

Here was their scathing rant:

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