BIG MISTAKE: She Was Putting Her Feet on the Dashboard When…

Published on September 10, 2015

To Bethany Benson, it was just a normal day when she got in the car with her boyfriend. It wasn’t until this happened that everything changed.

It was a road trip just like any other— her boyfriend was driving, she was reclining, the sun was beginning to set.

But in an instant, it was a road trip that changed now 26-year-old Bethany Benson’s life.

Benson doesn’t remember the accident, but she was told that one wreck created a domino effect— after a motorcycle and a small vehicle collided, a tractor trailer tried to slammed on his brakes to avoid the crash. When Benson’s boyfriend failed to stop quick enough, he smashed into the back of the tractor trailer.



Benson and her boyfriend miraculously survived. But because she had her feet on the dashboard, Benson suffered excruciating injuries that she otherwise would not.

Because of the proximity of her legs to the airbag, it forcefully hit her hamstring, causing her feet to push up and through the windshield.

As a result, her knees slammed into her eyes, causing he left eye socket and cheekbone to crack. In addition, she broke her nose, eight bones in her left foot, and three bones in her right foot.

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