CNN LIBERAL IDIOT SAYS: ‘Muslim Is The New Black’ After Ben Carson’s Comments

Published on September 25, 2015

Since they can’t accuse Ben Carson of racism since he’s black, these liberals decided to come up with this new tagline.

New York Magazine writer and outspoken liberal Frank Rich appeared on CNN with host Don Lemon Wednesday to discuss the state of the Republican primary.

The two discussed how Republican frontrunner Donald Trump resonates with voters because people perceive him as being honest, even when what he says is insulting.

However, when the host suggested Ben Carson may be benefiting in the same way from his recent comments that he could not support a Muslim for president, Rich slammed the neurosurgeon as someone who plays to the racist part of the country.

“There is a racist, bigoted part of the Republican base,” the liberal writer told Lemon. “His own campaign manager said to the New York Post a couple of days ago, ‘the Republican primary electorate is 80-20 on our side on these anti-Muslim comments.’”

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