CREEPING SHARIA: Muslims File Petition To End This German Tradition

Published on September 16, 2015


Here is a copy of the petition submitted by Muslim Morad Almurad in an attempt to stop Oktoberfest:

Dear City council of Munich,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention something that I and many Muslims believe is unfair and requires attention. I would like to inform you that the Oktoberfest is an Intolerant and Anti-Islamic event. We tried to ignore the event, but there too many Un-Islamic acts done at the Oktoberfest. Such as alcohol consumption, public nudity etc.

We understand that the Oktoberfest is a yearly German tradition, but we, Muslims, can not tolerate this Un-Islamic event, because it offends us and all Muslims on the earth. We are requesting the immediate cancellation of the upcoming Oktoberfest event.

 We also believe that the Oktoberfest might also offend all the Muslim refugees coming from Syria, Iraq, 

Afghanistan. The cancellation of the Oktoberfest event will help refugees not to forget their Islamic history. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Morad Almuradi


Wake up America! We can learn from what is going on in Germany. In 2016 we need a leader that will close our borders and not flood us with illegals that we can no longer afford! It’s time for a leader that loves this country and takes care of our own – or we are on a fast train to becoming a Third World Country.

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