GUN LOVING TEENS: Make Better Students, Plus They’re Better Looking

Published on September 29, 2015

By Dave Grigger

Anti-gun liberals everywhere are left speechless as parents across the country report a dramatic improvement in their children’s grades and character after joining a shooting range.

No school shootings or violence has occurred as a result.

Youth participation in the national 4-H Shooting Sports Program has increased steadily and rapidly over the past six years. The undeniable benefits to students are coming to light as parents everywhere come forward with testimonials of better academic performance, increased confidence, and happier dispositions.

For gun-owners, the explanation is a no-brainer – shooting clubs teach concentration, self-discipline, and focus. It’s not rocket science to suppose that those qualities will spread to areas of life outside the range.

For the Gun Control Left, though, no amount of evidence, even overwhelming evidence, is enough to show that gun sports are healthy and beneficial. The Left’s shameless parade of victims, however, has finally been silenced by an unusual source – parents.

Most of the parent testimonials are converts to the benefits of shooting clubs. Watching their children become more respectful, honest, and disciplined has left them little doubt as to the safety and benefits of gun sports.

It’s typical of the gun control lobby to use just one example of gun mismanagement as a reason that all guns should be banned. Will hundreds of examples of gun benefits finally be sufficient to convince them otherwise? What do you think?

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