25 INSULTS FROM THE LEFT: That Conservatives Should Wear Proudly

Published on September 2, 2015

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Immediately upon this administration’s taking office in 2009, definitions of who I am began to be spewed like political vomit.  First, was when a list was secretly transmitted to police departments across the nation from Janet Napolitano (DHS) that labeled most Americans as threats for one or a series of reasons.  Her negative labels were soon anointed and seconded by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other political progressive puppets.  At that time, the progressive puppets had grown to more than half of the U. S. Congress plus the President’s Cabinet and all of his advisors.  Those puppets include my two senators and the congressman that claim to represent their constituents to Obama, but in fact represent Obama and his closest advisors to their constituents.

On February 4, 2013, I comprised and distributed a list of the labels that had been bestowed on me up to that time.  The only thing that has changed is that the list has grown and the division of the people has intensified. These labels being spewed by the administration are the exact opposite of what was hoped and promised would unite the people.

This is my updated but condensed list of the labels that since January 2009 have been bestowed upon me by this Administration:

I’m a RACIST for criticizing anything Obama promotes or sponsors.
I’m a TERRORIST because I believe in 2nd Amendment rights.
I’m a TEA-BAGGER for supporting the Constitution.
I’m a BIGOT if I believe that ALL lives matter.
I’m an ANIMAL HATER because I’m not a vegetarian.
I’m ANTI-GENDER if I do not believe in abortion on demand.
I’m a THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY because I refuse to shut up.
I’m ANTI-SCIENCE if I do not believe humans are the primary cause of global warming.
I’m a TROUBLEMAKER for asking unanswered questions.
I’m a BIRTHER for questioning the lack of Obama’s certified documentation.
I’m a TRAITOR for exposing government corruption.
I’m ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY for believing marijuana is an addictive drug.
I’m a TRAINED KILLER because I am a military veteran.
I’m a GLOBAL POLLUTOR because my vehicles are petroleum powered.
I’m an EXHIBITIONIST because I fly Old Glory and the Gadsden flag daily.
I’m a CONSPIRACY THEORIST for presenting documented facts.
I’m a CONTRARIAN for not accepting Socialism, Communism or Neo-Marxism.
I’m an ANTI-AMERICAN for supporting the Constitutionalists.
I’m a RELIGIOUS FANATIC for believing Jesus Christ died for my sins.
I’m a WAR MONGER because I support our troops.
I’m a HOMOPHOBE for believing in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.
I’m a GREEDY CAPITALIST for believing that you are not entitled to my earnings.
I’m a SEPARATIST because I oppose illegal immigration and Sharia Law.
I’m POLITICALLY BLIND and DEAF because I no longer trust my government.
I’m a GRAMMATICAL FOUL MOUTH because I do not speak with political correctness.

Yes, I have been labeled as all those things and I’m DAMNED PROUD of it.  I believe that because we remain a Constitutional Republic, these labels should neither make me feel shame nor be cause to incarcerate me as a threat to social stability.

For those that promote the list exposes negatives against me, exactly reverse the meaning of each item; i.e. “I am not a racist because I never criticize anything Obama promotes or sponsors”.  Continue to reverse the meaning of each item and you will have defined absolute tyranny and a lack of free thinking.  We must maintain the right to disagree in spite of government labeling.

In spite of years of absorbing what the progressives cast out as negative labels, I continue to salute the Stars and Stripes as well as carry and read my pocket copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  I cast my vote every time a legitimate ballot is before me.  I carefully study ballot issues and candidates, believing the supporters of neither without thoughtful independent research and consideration.  I study the background of each candidate, accepting nothing, such as charm as an attribute to hold office.

Yes, I am all of the above and the sum of it is that I am a LOYAL AMERICAN, living in freedom.  I pray it may long endure!

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