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LIBERAL LOGIC: Wonder Woman Lunchbox Is ‘Violent’…But Not These Muslim ‘Refugees’

So, 6.4 million dollars will go to the parents of Freddie Gray, a heroin junkie mother and an uninvolved father just because Gray, a drug dealer, tried to hurt himself while being arrested and died in the process. According to the mayor, this is the best way of protecting the tax taxpayers.

No civil litigation has been filed and no guilt has been determined, until now. During a press conference mayor Rawlings-Blake did her best to convince the people of Baltimore that she wasn’t an appeasement monkey and that the pay-out wasn’t really to prevent future riots. And of course it would in no way give the impression the officers who arrested Gray would appear guilty.

No, the civil settlement would bring an important measure of closure to the family, the community and the city.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t that money go to the victims of drug dealer Freddie Gray? You know the victims who lost their homes and businesses when Baltimore burned? At the very least the money could have been used to buy better riot gear for the police.

And tell me, where is the money coming from if the juries see beyond the mayor’s ploy, find the officers innocent and the rioting starts again?

Sorry mayor but protecting the tax payers was something that should have happened way before the riots began.

Speaking of taxpayer abuse, Obama was busy thinking up new laws forcing us to pay for sex change operations. It will now be easy for men to become women and women to become men. In the meantime one third of pending V.A. Applications, as many as 307,000 veterans, have died waiting for services. And the really scary thing is that there are another 867,000 applications pending. Too bad they’re not waiting for sex reassignment surgery.

But then again supporting heroes has never been Obama and his administrations strong suit. In fact lefties hate heroes. Just last week, sports hero Curt Schilling (what true Bostonian and Red Sox fan can forget the game he pitched with a bloody ankle?) was suspended for telling the truth when he compared Muslims to Nazis. Hillary on the other hand compared Republicans to Nazis when she said conservatives wanted to pull people out of their homes and have them thrown in boxcars. This woman doesn’t have two scruples to rub together and she’s still not in jail.

In other insanity, a school which I believe was in Massachusetts, sent a student home for carrying a Wonder Woman lunchbox. The offending box was in direct violation of the school policy against violent images. The schools policy states that no violent images are allowed on kid’s shoes, socks, backpacks and lunchboxes. They have defined banned characters as anyone who uses violence to solve problems. If that isn’t a slap in the face for the military I don’t know what is. These are the same people who find Planned Parenthood videos wholesome entertainment.

But the lunchbox didn’t involve Wonder Woman in any sort of violent confrontation, it merely had the word “POW” written in one corner. In fact it showed her face on one side and her image flying on the other. So I’m thinking the real problem here is jealousy! I’m sorry but I think it’s a proven fact that the women of the left are not what you call, classical beauties. I believe most of them own stock in Botox and almost all look like they’ve been beaten with a bag of oranges. This includes John Kerry; I bet his more youthful appearance had a great influence on the ayatollah.

And speaking of unattractive Democrats, DNC head Debbie Wassermen-Shultz is standing firm in her decision to allow only six debates during the primary season. This is because Wasserman-Shultz is afraid people will notice that the left only has six topics they campaign on, raising taxes, equal rights for women, raising taxes, baby killing, raising taxes and Muslim appeasement.

And last but not least, the invasion continues in Europe where Muslim hordes are storming the gates of almost every country. It’s so bad that an elderly Italian woman was pulled by her hair out of her car because the Muslim thieves wanted to go to Germany. These people are toppling aid trucks and stealing everything on them. The throw feces at the drivers and spit at them. But hey, you don’t expect them to be grateful they’re escaped Syria do you? This is how they treat the infidel. We owe them everything because they’re Muslim and we’re not.

In fact a couple who survived the Holocaust were severely beaten in their homes by two of these poor refugees. An 86 and 87 year old Jewish couple were beaten and robbed in their home by two Muslim males while being told they didn’t need their valuables, it was theirs now. The husband was beaten so badly he is now blind.

And in Quebec about 100 cars were defaced with stickers demanding the drivers convert to Islam immediately or else. But don’t worry the new “hate speech” laws Canada is trying to pass will make it illegal to say anything bad about Islam so all this nonsense will stop.

And a 12 year old girl was molested on a flight from New York to Iowa by a Pakistani Muslim, and we’re taking more of these people?

Saudi Arabia won’t take any refugees but they will build 200 mosques in Germany alone. So we get stuck with them and the Saudis will set up 200 jihadi training facilities in Germany to further the infiltration.

As I’ve said in the past, arm yourselves!

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Noreen O'Brien

Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.

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