TAYLOR SWIFT: Pisses Off Hunters, Animal Activists AND Black People In One Video

Poor Taylor Swift.

She can’t win for trying.

On Sunday night, the pop icon dropped the video for her song Wildest Dreams.

In the mini-movie, Taylor portrays old Hollywood glamor as she gallivants, carries on a romance, and pretends to film on the African Savannah. The video is beautifully shot and gives homage to Out of Africa with several scenes from the movie being mirrored exactly by Taylor and her male costar.

The video goes on to somewhat slam hunters with several Cecil references and Taylor’s assurance that all proceeds from the video will go to African Parks Foundation of America.

Yeah Taylor! Boo Hunters!

Not so fast.

Now animal activists are complaining that Taylor wears a $1,000 plus feather shrug in the video.  See the shrug is made from ostrich feathers and as many activists are pointing out there is no humane way to pluck feathers from a bird.


She somehow managed to piss off hunters and animal activists with the same video!

Taylor is also getting some backlash from people who claim her video – placed in Africa – didn’t have enough black people in it. According to the Daily Mail:

Taylor Swift’s latest music video is being battered by critics who claim it is racist and pandering to ‘rich white fantasies’ from a colonial era.  

The video for Wildest Dreams, which was revealed during the MTV VMA Awards coverage on Sunday, has a mainly white cast and revolves around two 1950s-era movie stars – played by Swift and Gran Torino actor Scott Eastwood – filming in Africa.

There are only two black actors, who play soldiers, and they appear in the background. The mock film crew are white. 

Director Joseph Khan insists the video is a ‘love story’ and has no political agenda. But music fans have rushed to Twitter to describe it as ‘colonial garbage’. 

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Gayne C. Young

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