BARBARIANS: ISIS Fighters Train a 6-YEAR OLD And Blast Him As He Crawls Under Barb Wire

This shocking footage is sickening and disturbing.

This is the shocking moment ISIS fighters training a six-year-old jihadi shoot at him with an AK47 while he crawls under barbed wire.

Footage believed to have been taken in Iraq or Syria shows the tiny child crawling through the dust under the sharp wire before a bullet kicks up the dust inches in front of him.

The terrified youngster cries out but carries on scrambling along the ground as a second gunshot kicks up the dust around him.

He momentarily pauses after the gun is fired again before the video shows men ordering him to continue.

As he comes to the end of the brutal training exercise, the child stands up – only for a third bullet to ricochet off the ground in front of him amid cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’.

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