BLACK TEEN: Gets Serious Beat Down from White Cop, Leaves Everyone Speechless (VIRAL VIDEO)

This cop came in to break up a fight, but no one expected what happened next. Everyone was left speechless when she destroyed this girl in a dance-off.

A Washington D.C. police officer arrived on the scene of a fight to break it up, but ended up in a dance-off instead.

The female officer, whom the department declined to name, arrived in a park on K Street SW Monday, responding to reports of a fight, said NBC Washington.

There, she spotted 17-year-old Aaliya Taylor dancing to the popular Silentó song Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).

The officer reportedly told the girl she could dance better, and the teen officially challenged her to a dance-off, which the officer accepted.

The officer brought her thing as the teen, a senior at Ballou High School, got down.

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