#DOGSLIVESMATTER: Dog Owners Will Not Like What Cop Did To Girl’s Dog

What would you do if a cop came on your property and did this to your dog?

A mother and daughter are inconsolable after their dog Duchess was shot in the head three times by a police officer – and all because she ran out the front door when he was conducting a routine house check.

Duchess, a 40-pound bull terrier mix, was killed even though she wasn’t barking or being aggressive in any way, according to her owner, Gillian Palacios.

Palacios told Fox that on Tuesday morning, the police officer knocked on her door to say her car door had been left open.

She said that when she opened the front door of her house, her dog Duchess ran outside. Surveillance footage shows the officer fatally shooting the dog three times in the head.

The family, who were distraught after their loss, say that they were not in any trouble with the police and cannot understand why their pet was killed for simply running into the yard.

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