OPEN CARRY GROUP: Is Going To The Largest Muslim City In the US for the Best Reason Ever

Published on October 12, 2015

This open carry group is going to do something that will definitely get them on Obama’s radar.

DEARBORN (CBS Detroit) – A flyer for the event proclaims: “The world is saying no to Islam.”

A group of open carry gun advocates and others are planning an anti-Islam rally in Dearborn this weekend, hoping to bring attention to what they call “the evils of radical Islam.”

Dearborn police, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security officers are expected to be on hand for what’s been billed as a “Global Rally for Humanity” initially scheduled for Saturday afternoon outside the Islamic Center of America — North America’s largest mosque — on Ford Road.

“We are invoking our 1st Amendment right about our feeling of Islam in America,” reads one Facebook page promoting the rally.

On another, organizers say: “As this invasion of Muslim colonization continues unchecked on American soil, we can only expect the same suffering now endured by EUROPE…Now is the time to act.”

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