BLEEDING HEART JOURNALIST: Enters Muslim ‘NO GO’ Zone, Now Something Else Is Bleeding

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2015

A few more stories like this one, and we can safely say  that Sweden will no longer be that poster child for why Socialism is the better way forward. Scratch that: actually, a few more stories like this one, and Sweden might no longer exist.

It all started simply enough: with wrong-headed Progressive assumptions.

In this instance, some neighborhoods were chucking rocks at police. One journalist applied the modern journalistic methods to the situation: find out who wronged them so badly that they have taken to chucking rocks. Naturally, they must have a reason — right? It’s just a matter of hearing their side of the story.

That is the story for which Ms. Valentina Xhaferi went looking. She found it.

In the middle of one of Stockholm’s “no-go” zones, she found one resident willing to discuss that “other side of the story” on camera. They met in the agreed-on public space, and set up for filming.

A passer-by asked why they were filming, and was told. So he grabbed a few friends. And a few rocks. Things turned ugly pretty quickly.

She wanted to get away. They hurled insults, splashed the cameraman with coffee, kicked over their equipment, which they caught on film.

She tried reason.  “It was impossible to calm them down. I pulled back and tried to calm down everyone, while trying to get my colleague and myself out of there.”

Then someone chucked a stone.

They finished the report a week later … this time with police escort.

In relating her story, she unwittingly identified what’s really happening here.  “They thought we crossed the limit and that we were standing on their land.”

Nowhere in the story does it mention identifying characteristics of this “foreign born” community. But we are told that this particular “no-go” zone consists of upwards of 70% “foreign-born” residents. (Statistics tell us that some 40,000 people live within Tensta, a suburb of Stockholm.) Other zones actually boast nearly 100% foreign-born residents.

It wasn’t hard to find which reports she was seeking the “other side”. Police claims that lone squad cars won’t even pursue criminals into certain neighborhoods. Swedish law simply doesn’t apply there. Shariah is enforced, instead.

There are, police estimate, 55 “no-go” zones in Sweden. They are by no means the only European country that has them.

And remember: that was before the wave of humanity began spilling into Europe.

Is it genuinely “compassionate” to have areas of a city where the rule of law is not enforced, and not enforceable? And to whom are the adjudicators of Sharia, themselves, accountable?

It’s time we stop wringing our hands about Islamophobia, and start addressing the real Xenophobia that’s making these supposed “no-go” neighborhoods unsafe for locally-born “outsiders”.