U.S. SCHOOLS: Are Now Appeasing Muslims By Canceling This Popular Holiday

Written by Thomas Holmes on October 28, 2015

By Thomas Holmes

Remember the good old days when people just put razor blades in Halloween candy – at least according to the urban legend? Or how about the harmless religious evangelicals that produced Hell-themed Halloween shows? At least that faith-based fad put some effort into relating Halloween with their message. Evidentially, Muslims just want to destroy everything that isn’t them, according to what’s going on in Milford, Connecticut.   As previously reported, the Milford public schools officially cancelled all Halloween events to avoid “excluding people due to religion, cultural beliefs etc.” Apparently, the school leaders decided it was just easier to exclude everybody. In fact, Milford isn’t even the first Connecticut County to try this. Newington schools banned Halloween costumes by actually using “exclude everybody” as a justification.

We can thank Islam and its banning children from wearing costumes as the reason for this nonsense. I guess it’s not enough for Islamic law to include murdering anyone who isn’t Muslim, or enjoy the benefit of a President who literally ignores reality in order to defend Islam. Muslim’s gotta crush the fun stuff too. Remember how some Christians reject Halloween and everybody else just laughs at their beliefs and go trick-o-treating anyway? Funny how school leaders don’t worry much about exclusion then.

The good news is Milford parents were not taking this sitting down, according to “I don’t think we’re excluding anybody” stated Victoria Johannsen to local reporters. “I think they’re excluding themselves.” True that. The good news is after getting the spit kicked out of them in the backlash, the school system reversed their decision to resume Halloween festivities.

Obviously, it just proves that even Islam shouldn’t mess with suburban Soccer Moms.

Thomas Holmes is a noteworthy writer who always lampoons the lunatic left with his viral posts.