UNREAL: German Woman Evicted From Home of 23 Yrs To Make Room For ‘Refugees’

Published on October 5, 2015

Welcome to hell, Germany. This is what happens to your own people when you open up your borders. Prepare for your country to become Germanizikstan.

A German woman is being booted out of her home of 23 years to make room for migrants.

Gabrielle Keller is the second such case to emerge in the country as it struggles to cope with an expected influx of some 800,000 refugees this year.

The 56-year-old condemned the move, saying: ‘I think it’s a scandal to throw tenants out of their apartments. I can’t see the sense of it.’

The local municipality has given Mrs Keller until the end of the year to leave her flat in the southern town of Eschbach.

Mario Schlafke, the town’s mayor, says the authorities had no choice.

‘The council hasn’t taken a frivolous decision,’ he told Welt newspaper, it was reported by The Daily Telegraph.

‘The alternative would have been to set up beds in the gym.’

Yesterday, it was announced that Germany had translated the first 20 articles of the country’s constitution outlining basic rights like freedom of speech into Arabic for refugees to help them integrate.

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