8 EPIC REASONS: Why Good People Should FLEE The DNC

Written by Steve Pauwels on November 5, 2015

History indicates Jim Webb, former Democratic presidential candidate, qualifies as a bona fide “tough guy”. He’s been awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and a pair of Purple Hearts. His Vietnam-War era exploits are Hollywood-worthy — yet they actually occurred: In July of ’69, leading a search-and-destroy mission deep in enemy territory, First Lt. Webb captured three Viet Cong bunkers, surviving not one but two grenade attacks in the process, but not without sustaining significant fragmentation wounds. Ultimately returning to civilian life, he eventually served as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy.

Dude sounds like anything but a wilting flower. Yet, there he was mere weeks ago making his rather odd appearance at the first Democratic presidential debate — a ramrod-straight war-hero stationed rather bewilderingly among a gaggle of daft, goofy, crypto-socialist progressives.

Masses of conservative observers responded by cooing over Webb. His curriculum vitae! His comparative sensibleness amidst the rest of the Leftist menagerie! The most respectable Dem on the scene, no doubt! Radio host Mark Levin, however, (represented by Webb as Senator from Virginia between 2007 and 20013) has noted that, when it comes to his actual record, Webb was a dependable vote for the Left’s — including Barack Obama’s — agenda . Nonetheless, he seemed decidedly out of place on that debate stage.

Even so, a question skulks around the sixty-nine-year-old former Marine: Why is someone apparently so reasonably moderate and hard-eyed still a member of the party of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, at all? (Rumors of a Webb Independent presidential run have yet to materialize.) Why would a straight-shooting,  presumed patriot like Jim Webb throw-in with an entity as vilely muddle-headed and evil as today’s Democratic party?

Yep, I confess, I’m always a bit puzzled at how “tough guys” — especially nowadays — end up as Democrats. It’s the same kind of quizzical feelings that stir in me when I encounter devout Catholics or other “Christians” who voluntarily align themselves with the team which has produced scoundrels like the late Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer. Former governor of Boston and Clinton-appointed Ambassador to the Holy See Ray Flynn, for example. Or a prominent African-American, pro-marriage pastor who, I just found out, makes excuses for remaining in Al Sharpton’s party. Outspoken religious figures, advocates of biblically-informed standards — and Democrats?

Let’s face it, increasingly the party of Andrew jackson, FDR and Henry “Scoop” Jackson is marching purposefully into territory inhospitable to tough guys or traditionally moral people. It’s contemporary Democrats who consistently minimize the importance of masculinity, conventionally manly attitudes and practices, and who dependably promote effeminacy and touchy-feely approaches to, well, everything.

Are you burdened with an XY chromosome? Dems automatically look askance at you. A white male? Even worse. White male and heterosexual? Hoo-boy.

There’s a reason most twenty-first-century, bloke-loathing feminists sign on the Donkey-approved dotted line; that your typical homosexual identifies as same; that artsy-fartsy types, more often than not, are drawn to Obama’s bunch.

Why don’t we ditch the fuzzy speech and put the facts right out there:

  1. The Democratic Party is anti-military, evincing an unmistakable, nose-crinkling vibe whenever the topic of our fighting forces is raised. Dem’s budget priorities alone indicate our uniformed services are not at the top of their list.
  2. Democrats routinely emphasize give-aways, as contrasted with individual hard work and productiveness. They squirm at any pressure which urges development of the challenging disciplines of success: diligence, thriftiness, delayed gratification. Columnist Mark Alexander calls it, appropriately, “the war against self-reliance.” Did you catch that trend at the aforementioned debate? The Dem participants moved breezily from mountainous freebies for free-loading Americans to tax-payer-subsidized goodies for those serial lawbreakers residing among us illegally.
  3. Remember, this is the group that took a serious stab at removing all mention of God from their national platform; and then many of them booed when references to Him — along with acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — were reinstated at their 2012 convention.
  4. They unceremoniously drum out of their ranks any anti-baby-killing mavericks who dare suggest even the mildest limitations on a mother’s “right” to scrape her unborn child out of her womb. Six months? Eight months? As it’s emerging into the world? Meh.
  5. The Democratic Party has consistently sabotaged marriage and family: Welfare State rules which facilitate fatherless, literally distorting matrimony into comic disfigurement, undercutting parental rights, etc.
  6. It’s becoming more and more common for Dems to sneer at any suggestion that America’s culture and founding principles might be special, not to mention superior. Judeo-Christian principles, liberty, law-and-order, color blindness, constitutional republicanism? Whatever.
  7. These people are finding it growingly difficult to corporately and robustly condemn hostility and violence toward law enforcement agents, blanching at proclamations that, not just “black lives”, but “all lives matter” — including white cops’ lives. (See Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley — a reputed gym rat? Perhaps. But clearly no tough guy.)
  8. Count on it: Democrats refuse to materially recognize the rumbling threat to Western Civilization that is fundamentalist Islam.

Once again, Mark Levin recently summarized the gripe with characteristic pungency: What does it say about the Democratic party that Hillary Clinton is it’s coronated shoe-in as leader? (I’d add: it’s small comfort that babbling Bernie Sanders is ostensibly number two.)

Memo to authentic “tough guys”; to decent men and women: It’s time to make an absolute break with the coalition that swoons before the Clinton Crime Family; to begin treating the Democrat Machine with the contempt it has more than earned. They routinely and audaciously represent an ideology what is pseudo-Marxist, anti-God, anti-American, sex-obsessed, alarmingly fascistic. “Come out from among them”.

Hey, Jim Webb, your past physical courage has, indeed, been awe-inspiring. Currently, courage of another stripe is calling out to you: Go ahead — dump that Democratic membership card.

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Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.