CHECK OUT What Muslims Just Did To Christians Headed to Italy, It’s DISGUSTING

Written by Thomas Holmes on November 21, 2015

In such treacherous times as these when countries are being overrun by potentially dangerous Syrian immigrants it’s important to remember that there are plenty of other illegal Muslim immigrants to worry about. As bad as things have been this year for France, Russia and Germany, it hasn’t been a walk in the park for Italy either.

Earlier this week, recent history repeated itself when a boatload of Muslim immigrants fleeing from Libya to Italy tossed 12 fellow immigrants into the North African sea, drowning them — because they were Christian. The same incident happened when Muslims were attempting to land in Italy earlier in the year.

While it’s true that not all Muslims are terrorists, this is just another reminder that Muslims don’t have to be terrorists to be evil. The Italian government currently has the boat of suspects in custody. On a larger scale, however, why the West is willing to turn a blind eye to people who will gladly kill their own countrymen only to turn around and expect protection from democratic governments is a little beyond me.

Of course, it bares saying that the country these Muslims were fleeing from has been incredibly destabilized by virtue of a certain President’s questionable diplomacy in recent years. Now that I mention it, there’s some awful Libyan terrorist incident nagging at the back of my mind that helped overturn the country and removed any Western influence. It’s as if dozens of American voices screamed out in agony and were suddenly silenced.

As a result, both Europe and America’s poor diplomatic choices and apparent unwillingness to course correct over the last several years have emboldened repeated Muslim on Christian or Muslim on citizen incidents. That’s apparent to anybody not walking around attached to a constant drip of Leftist Kool-Aid.

It’s just unfortunate that the liberals so concerned about the safety of these poor immigrants aren’t concerned enough to recognize how their definition of global leadership failed to protect these Christian immigrants. A narrative that wants to emigrate the threat from one country to another as much as the victims in question isn’t a winning narrative.

Oh, but then I almost forgot, we don’t have a President that’s interested in winning.

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