CHRISTIAN DAYCARE WORKERS: Get Canned For Doing This About ‘Transgender’ 6-Yr-Old

Published on November 10, 2015

Remember the days in America when it would have been wrong to not do what these daycare workers did?

Two staff members at a Christian daycare say they were fired for voicing concern after being told to call a six-year-old girl by a new name and refer to her as a boy.

One of those workers, Madeline Kirksey, was a manager at Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy, Texas.

According to Kirksey, she and her staff were told a six-year-old female student was now identifying as a boy. The child’s parents cut the girl’s hair short, and employees were instructed to begin calling the child a boy’s name.

Kirksey, however, did not feel comfortable with it. She told the center that other parents should know about it, adding that she was concerned about speaking on transgender matters to other children at the center. After that, Kirksey received a termination letter from the center.

In a cable news exclusive, Kirksey told Megyn Kelly that there was no consideration given by the daycare administrators about how this might affect the other children.

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