SNL VS. BEN CARSON: ‘You can’t come into this country until I see you eat bacon while singing a Christmas carol’

SNL slammed Ben Carson and Republicans opposed to the mass migration of Syrian refugees at the same time in this skit.

Adele may have been what everyone was waiting for, but it was the Syria refugee crisis that dominated Saturday Night Live’s most recent episode.

The question of whether more restrictions should be place on Syrian refugees entering the country was mentioned in the show’s cold open featuring Jay Pharoah’s Ben Carson on Fox & Friends.

Pharoah got huge laughs from the audience as he skewed Carson’s soft voice and deadpan delivery.

‘Hello everyone, my apologies if I already seem agitated but I’m just revved up about this,’ He begins, never raising his voice.

‘I wanna ask that viewers at home turn their volume down because I might get crazy,’ he continues, his voice still soft as he gives the camera a smile.

Taran Killam’s Steve Doocey of the Fox News morning show then asks Carson if he has a plan to separate Muslim for Christian refugees.

‘Weeding out the Islamists would be simple,’ he replies. ‘First we would say you can’t come into this country until I see you eat bacon while singing a Christmas carol.’

‘Or all refugees will be given mad libs with the phrase “Death to ___. ” Anyone who writes America, won’t be allowed inside America,’ Pharoah continues, mocking Carson’s hand gestures.

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