Watch This Woman Steal From A CHILD On Black Friday and Wonder Why America Is Doomed

These Black Friday shoppers prove exactly what is wrong with America.

Footage has emerged of a desperate Black Friday sales customer callously ripping a vegetable steamer from the hands of a small child.

The video was uploaded to YouTube with the caption: ‘I’m posting anonymous because I don’t want 2b fired, but I work at this store in Saginaw and this lady stole a veggie steamer from a KID on black Friday! Shame.’

The video, which appeared on Thursday, shows the doors of a store open and dozens of shoppers rush in.

They immediately throw themselves into a pile of vegetable steamers in front of them, desperately grabbing as many as they can.

A small child standing to the right with a woman is then targeted by a shopper in a red coat, who grabs a boxed-up steamer out of the child’s arms.

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