YOU’LL BE TICKED: When You See The Punishment for Teen Muslim Gang Rape of Woman

Published on November 7, 2015

Europe is beyond screwed if this is the way they plan on addressing Muslim gang rapes.

A gang of teenage Muslim migrants have been sentenced to less than two years in youth offender centres for beating and raping a vulnerable Swedish woman at an isolated beauty spot.

The assault took place at the end of summer, when a 23-year-old woman was approached by two migrants while she was sitting on a park bench crying. They started out friendly, offering her beer and suggesting they visit a local beauty spot. Once at the Fåfängan lookout point on Södermalm island the men became violent, throwing the woman to the ground and beating her around the head.

Once she had given up resisting the beating, the men took off the woman’s clothes and started to rape her – and calling their friends to join them in the process. In the end the woman claimed to have been raped anally and vaginally six times by the group, some of which laughed at her during the ordeal, reports theSwedish Free Press.

To add insult to her injury, the group gave her $100 in payment for her service as they left.

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