If We Want to Defeat Communism and Jihad, This Is The ONLY Way To Do It

Written by Allan Erickson on December 16, 2015

After the signing of the Declaration of Independence, an act by American colonists sparking the Revolutionary War, pitting a small, poorly-equipped civilian army against the greatest military on earth in 1776, patriot Benjamin Franklin warned his fellow colonists:  “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
Declaring independence was an act of treason in the British mind, an act punishable by death.  Franklin’s concise advice: unify or die.  It is said at any given time only 3% of the American population was actively engaged in fighting the British.  Looking around today, we see history repeat itself in a sense.  Again we hear the warning: unify or die.
Mottoes are important.  They define who we are and they promote unity, essential to any society.  “Liberty and justice for all”, is one of our mottoes.  “In God We Trust”, is another.  And “E Pluribus Unum”, is another: “From the many, one”.
If we are to defeat Jihad and Communism and Secular Humanism (Progressivism), which is the only way to salvage this Republic, then we must unify.  In order to unify we must not fall prey to any force pushing uniformity, the enemy of unity, the enemy of liberty. Unity means we agree on core values, as articulated in our founding documents, summarized in mottoes.  Uniformity means one group or another takes power and dictates to the rest of us down to the last detail.  Jihadists, Communists, and Secular Progressives push their own versions of uniformity: they demand conformity.  
They hate liberty, they hate the God of love, and they hate our unity, “From the many, one”.   Therefore they work against liberty, against any mention of the God of love, and against our unity.  Every move they make is designed to divide and conquer, destroy and demoralize. And anyone who helps them, wittingly or not, is an enemy of unity.  Unity is our most potent weapon in this fight, a fight for survival, engaging self-defense, which is our divine right.
People aligned with the Founders — Republicans, Tea Partiers, III%, Oathkeepers, Conservatives, Libertarians, most Independents, and a few Democrats – better wake up and unify pretty damn quick.  (Let’s call all these groups the Patriot Movement.)  The arrayed forces of evil led by Obama and his minions are poised to strike a death blow, once they destroy the 2nd Amendment, if we let them. We do not have time to be distracted by destroyers planted in our midst to aid and abet our enemies from without.
Within the Patriot Movement, there are groups that claim patriotism and fidelity with the Republic, even mouthing our mottoes, but in truth, they work against unity, insisting their narrow agendas take precedence.  Some push the homosexual agenda as if that is central. Others insist amnesty is our salvation.  Some push soft communism or they insist Islam is a religion of peace. White supremacists pretend patriotism then clamor for discrimination and violence against certain people groups.  Some people believe the Fed is our worst enemy and unless we return to the gold standard all is lost.  Others believe compromise with Jihad, Communism and Secular Progressives is the road to redemption.  And some people think the only road to recovery is the installation of a Christian theocracy, as anathema to our constitutional republic as Jihad. 
The rest of us in the Patriot Movement see a mosh pit of division working to destroy unity.  In other words, folks, we are playing right into the hands of our enemies (within and without) every time we allow them to distract and confuse.
With some of these dissenters we can work toward unity, but with others, there is little hope.  White supremacists are racist to the bone.  We cannot have anything to do with them for obvious reasons: racists are immoral, they splinter us, give aid to the enemy, and undermine our efforts to develop a unified majority.  There are others so fanatically devoted to one Republican candidate or another they rip at the very fabric of unity.  Some of the candidates themselves step up and assist in this ripping.
To unify, we must agree.  It does not mean we compromise our values.  It means we must be clear about what is and is not acceptable, and we must prioritize, agreeing on the essentials.  To achieve this we must also simplify.  One of the games played by our enemies is making matters appear complex so as to spread confusion, another great weapon used to divide us.
The two threes
Here is a proposal we might call the two threes.  It is an approach we can use to simplify, prioritize, agree and unify:
The three pillars
The first three comes from Dennis Prager, a brilliant patriot who knows a thing or two about fighting the good fight as he has been doing it successfully for many years. Prager tells us the essence of this American Republic is written on every coin:
For elaboration on these three pillars of Americanism, watch this short video.  Prager explains how these three pillars differentiate us from all other societies, and how they capture the genius of our Founders, explaining our success.
The three legs
The second three was first articulated by President Reagan.  He was the most successful in leading the Patriot Movement out of the morass of division and into the sunlight of unity.  He proposed a three-legged stool as the picture of balance and stability.  He called on each leg of that stool to stand in unity with the rest.  Each leg represents a major group within the Patriot Movement placing emphasis on Fiscal concerns, Social issues, and National Defense/Security.  The current presidential candidate doing the best job of articulating Reagan’s vision is Ted Cruz.  Here is a good article which elaborates upon these principles.
Combined with a renewed respect for the original intent of our Constitution and an embrace of the principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence, the “two threes” lead us to a wonderful definition of Americanism, explained brilliantly in this video by John McManus.  Personal morality, private property and limited government are key, as you will see.
Our stand
Polling clearly shows a huge majority thinks the country is headed in the wrong direction.  Obama has done great damage to the country, and to his own party.  We have an excellent opportunity to win this next election and start the work of repairing the damage done.  It will take years.  Meanwhile, in the name of unifying around a simplified agenda close to the hearts of most voters, Patriots should heed the top five issues most important to The People, then articulate policies that promise solutions!  Those issues are, according to very recent polling by ABC/Washington Post:
Economy: 33% (Related fiscal issues, trust in government, debt, spending, growth in government)                         
Terrorism: 28% (Related foreign policy, military spending, homeland security, gun rights)                                             
Health care: 13% (Related role of government, repealing ObamaCare, Veterans)            
Immigration: 10% (Related rule of law, sovereignty, security)                          
Tax policy: 5% (Related security, limited government, states’ rights)
The GOP should focus on these issues and hammer home daily the party platform on each, presenting positive solutions, all the while pointing out the failure of the opposition in every single category.
Our language
Finally, we need to have our mouths washed out with soap.  We need to clean up our language.  We must reject those who engage in the rhetoric of division and demoralization.  Our language should inspire, promoting the Patriot Movement.  Anyone who runs around slandering Patriots, calling them RINOs or insulting them in other ways, ought to be resisted and rejected. 
There is a new term being bandied about:  “Cuckservative.”   Have you heard this term?  It is insidious, used mostly by supremacists who think only they grasp the truth, and only they can lead us through the wilderness, generally people whose platform is merely a list of those they hate:  Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Catholics, homosexuals, Presbyterians, Hispanics. 
If they call you a “Cuckservative” for upholding the two threes, the Constitution, the Declaration, and Americanism, wear it as a badge of honor, even as vile as is the definition, every bit as vile as our enemies’ use of the term “teabaggers”.
In the Patriot Movement we don’t hate anybody, but we bow to no one, including the brown shirt wolves among us.
While the enemies of Americanism condemn us with lies, fabrications, slander and invective, let us stand firmly against anyone who does likewise within the camp of the Patriot Movement, acting like Nehemiah, fighting all enemies with a sword in one hand, while rebuilding the Republic with a trowel in the other.   

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012, serves on the board of www.RestoreAmerica.org. He is available to speak in churches addressing the topics of faith and freedom. Register & Vote! Contact: allanlerickson@gmail.com


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