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NOBODY Thought The 12 Mile Chase Would End Like This…A True Hero Captured On Video

This is exactly why we love law enforcement officers — they do what other are willing to do, despite risking their lives.

NORFOLK, Nebraska– A 12-mile long chase in Madison County came to an end earlier this month when a Sergeant leaped onto a moving vehicle and brought it to a stop.

Video obtained by WOWT 6 News shows the chase come to an end on Highway 81 in Madison County. According to the Sergeant credited with bringing the big rig to a stop, the driver wasn’t trying to evade arrest. It turns out the driver was having a diabetic attack.

The man’s blood sugar had dropped to a severely low level. He didn’t know that he was diabetic until the episode.

“It was just one of those things we had to get done,” said Sgt. Volk, the man who ran across traffic and leaped onto the moving semi-truck moving an estimated 25 miles per hour.

Volk told WOWT 6 News that the Madison County Sheriff had dispatched a number of “follow” vehicles to clear the path of the truck. The truck was approaching the Karl Stefan Memorial Airport in Norfolk when Sgt. Volk made his split-second decision to board the moving vehicle.

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