SAM’S CLUB CEO’S ANTI-WHITE REMARKS Are Causing A Massive Online Backlash … Boycott Brewing

Remember the Sam’s Club CEO who openly admitted to discriminating against white males? Well, she is being met with some serious online backlash.

The Sam’s Club CEO, Rosalind Brewer, was interviewed by CNN:

So Ms Brewer was interviewed on CNN, where she admitted to judging her counterparts across the table. How many are white, and how many are male? If she doesn’t like the numbers, she assumes they’re racist and/or sexist.

She announced she will call one such supplier to discuss her concerns. Moreover, she stated that race and sex play a factor within her own hiring structure, which … all other considerations being equal … indicates she will potentially disqualify a white and/or male candidate for no better reason than race and sex.

Here is the original video:

Now, here are the Tweets calling for a boycott of Sam’s Club:

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