Southern School Takes “Sagging Pants” Ban To New Level…A Video You’ll Want To Share With Every School Principal

If ever school in America had this policy, I think we would see a whole lot less of these thugs with baggy pants.

BOLIVAR, TENNESSEE — A couple of Bolivar, Tennessee high school students spent two days in jail last weekend after wearing pants several sizes too big for their hips to school.

This particular sentence arose from an incident in early November when four students at Bolivar Central High School were charged for “indecent exposure” when they wore baggy pants to school.

School officials have reprimanded these students several times already for the exact same offense, reported Memphis CBS affiliate WREG-TV.

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According to the Hardeman County Schools student handbook, the students were in violation of the Bolivar Central High School’s dress code policy which forbids “low slung, baggy seat, baggy legged pants…” as well as bell bottoms. But it’s still unclear how a mere school violation made by four students somehow resulted in two of them spending 48 hours in Hardeman County Jail. (YouTube)

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