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TAKE A WILD GUESS What Is Spiking Like CRAZY (Again) After Obama’s Prime Time Speech

Can you say ‘We the People’? Americans aren’t going to let Obama’s radical leftist agenda and his giddiness to take advantage of tragedy to take away their rights.

— Gun and ammunition sales have been spiking in Wake County following President Obama’s Sunday prime-time address and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., last week that left 14 people dead.

Clay Ausley, the owner of Fuquay Gun & Gold, said shoppers are not just checking items off their Christmas lists, they are stocking up in anticipation that gun control laws will tighten.

“We even saw an influx of customers coming in purchasing in fear of what (Obama) was going to say,” he said.

Ausley said he started work at 4 a.m. Monday morning to replenish the stock.

“With Obama making the statement that he wants to change legislation, get it to where its harder for the public to purchase high-capacity firearms, folks are going to start running to get what they can get ,” he said. “The heaviest hitters have been ammunition and high-capacity magazines. The AR mags, the AK mags – they have been flowing out of here like water.”

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