THE NEW ACLU: This Muslim Group Now Decides What’s A Hate Crime and What’s Not

Written by Wes Walker on December 11, 2015

Move over NAACP, ACLU, and Dan Savage. The new media manipulator in town is making the rest of you look like amateur hour. Meet CAIR.

You’ve already met them before, although some may not realize it. For example, they blamed the San Bernardino slaughter on America. They have been connected to Hamas, and were identified as a terrorist organization by the UAE.

They are a pressure group quick to call anyone and anything they remotely disagree with “Islamophobes”, they denounce the actions of others as “hate”. Having labeled it “hate” they next insist that law enforcement follow up with charges. The latest fracas centers around a broken window In Plano, Texas.

A Muslim family, in a Muslim neighborhood (ie: near a mosque) woke to the sound of a rock sailing through their window. It was vandalism, presumably. But since we don’t know who threw it, we cannot say — with any real certainty — what the motive was. But that isn’t stopping CAIR.

It’s clearly a hate crime, that broken window. And they insist that it be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law.  And wouldn’t you know it, this broken window became a national news story.

Meanwhile, in the same nation, crimes significantly more serious than a broken window are going unnoticed.  At least, I think so: arson, IS still more serious than a broken window, is it not?

A New York neighborhood had some problems with fire. Construction sites have been set ablaze, endangering occupied neighboring homes as well. Four instances have been connected to a single person in a hoodie. Three others do not indicate a known suspect.

And yet, nobody is crying “hate crime” here. If it was a group under CAIR’s protection, you can bet somebody would be crying “hate crime”, but motive cannot be definitively proven.

And that itself is an interesting reaction by officials, since each and every arson here have certain elements in common. They were in the same neighborhood, over the span of several weeks. Oh, and I almost forgot: all the owners are Jewish.

Seven Jewish homes torched over the span of several weeks, and the media is tied up in knots halfway across the country over a single broken window? Who’s calling the shots here?

I’m wondering what makes the officials so hesitant to identify this as a hate crime? Could it be a gnawing fear that the racist isn’t white? Maybe a fear that he’s someone with a particularly unpleasant interpretation of Koran 5:60?

And supposing the ReligionOfPeace were implicated, would CAIR be right there pressuring those very same officials and media NOT to proceed against the accused with the allegations of a hate crime?

Do I even need to ask that question?