This Canadian Scandal Is Giving Hillary A Cold Sweat…And She’s TERRIFIED

Written by Wes Walker on December 18, 2015

In her entire political career, Hillary has never truly had to pay a political price for the many scandals that dogged her. Some combination of complicit media, a credulous public, and political horse-trading has kept any scandal from scoring a direct hit.  What could possibly keep such a person up at night?  A recent Canadian news story involving missing email and the police might do the trick.

Last year, I reported on a Canadian scandal with direct connections to the inner circle of the DNC. Provincial Premier Dalton McGuinty, (who has worked with one David Axlerod) began with a series of broken promises, failed Green investments, and Billions of dollars of waste. Sound familiar yet?

Seeing his majority was in danger during his last election run, he stooped to Clinton-level cynicism. He unilaterally cancelled an unpopular Gas Plant project (that was already half-built) saving the seats of several Liberal Members of Parliament, costing taxpayers more than $1B, and narrowly winning the election.

When people cried foul, the government stalled and delayed. During the delay, they found someone (who did NOT have security clearance) to access and wipe the government servers of all evidence.

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Like Democrats today, the Liberal government seemed to have all the tools it need to skate away Scott-free. For a couple of years, it seemed Dalton and his successor just laughed at the public’s impotent demands for justice.  Until now.

Yesterday, criminal charges have been filed against two of Dalton’s former top officials. Will this hurt Hillary? Possibly. Sure, we’d like to see criminal charges laid against whoever did the wiping for Hillary. And we’d really like to see those actually responsible for ordering it take the fall themselves. (Ditto Lois Lerner.)

But a genuine criminal case so closely mirroring Hillary’s own situation? One that’s unfolding during her bid to be Presidential Nominee?  If Hillary’s critics don’t use this against her, then they’re just not trying.


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