‘THIS IS FOR SYRIA’: Machete-Wielding Muslim Slashes Man’s Throat In Subway (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

It looks like Muslim terrorist attacks are starting to become a daily occurrence. Please, tell me more about how peaceful these ‘refugees’ are?

A knifeman slashed a man’s throat at a busy London tube station and allegedly shouted ‘this is for Syria’ before being Tasered by police in what has been described by Scotland Yard as a terrorism attack.

The victim suffered serious knife injuries at Leytonstone underground station shortly after 7pm.

Eyewitnesses claimed they could hear ‘this is for Syria’ and ‘all of your blood will be spilled’ during the terrifying attack.

After reportedly slashing his victim’s throat, the man allegedly threatened several other passengers before being confronted by a number of un-armed police officers.

The officers ordered the man to drop his weapon, who continued to wave the large knife.

One of the officers reportedly shouted ‘drop it, drop it you fool’ before shooting him with the Tazer.

A bystander shouted at the man: ‘You ain’t no Muslim bruv.’

The incident has now been handed over to the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command.

The victim suffered serious, non life-threatening knife wounds while two others were injured.

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