TWISTED: Perverted Muslim Slug Blames 4yr Old For Enticing Him To…

Here is Obama’s beautiful religion of peace putting themselves on display again. You will be sick to your stomach when you see what this pervert did.

Even tragedy-hardened reporters are expressing shock at the story of a 46-year-old man in India arrested for sexual abuse who blames the 4-year-0ld victim for “enticing” him.

The attack in Hyderabad, reported by IBNLive, was discovered when a technician at the man’s home was working on a CCTV camera, saw video of the horrific act and reported it to police.

The suspect was arrested and identified as Mohammad Akram Khan, the report said.

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He claimed the girl had approached him and came close to him.

“This is in accord with the Muslim belief that anytime a sexual sin, crime, or indiscretion is committed, it is the woman’s fault,” he wrote.

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