VIDEO: Hero’s Last Act Will Break Your Heart…Make You Proud To Be An American

This will bring tears to your eyes. Keep the Kleenex nearby.

This is the moving moment a former soldier was given a final salute as he prepared to carry out one last act of heroism – donating his organs to save the lives of two fellow veterans.

Former comrades-in-arms were joined by family and medical staff as they lined the corridors of the Texas hospital to give a fitting farewell to Staff Sgt. Matthew James Whalen.

The 35-year-old veteran had suffered a devastating brain hemorrhage on Saturday which left him brain dead.

On Monday, his family had made the heart breaking decision to turn off his life support machine and donate his organs to those in need.

His wife Hannah, who is also an Army veteran, only later discovered her husband’s organs would be going to save the life of two former soldiers.

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