What Obama Said to Turkey Proves He Does NOT CARE About Protecting America

And the President gave a speech.

Obama — dragged kicking and screaming and even against his will (as it has been reported) — gave a speech to the American public about San Bernardino. This was to be special — only the third Prime-Time speech of his presidency.

That same report tells us that he was (originally) very excited about the speech. It was his chance to wax eloquent about gun control issues. But then the FBI rained on his parade by saying that San Bernardino was terrorism. First Jarrett, and then Obama were (and I quote) “on the warpath”. Something about being made to look like fools. [It interested me to note the suggested leadership role Jarrett played in this.]

Well wouldn’t that go a long way toward explaining the content of his speech? By one word count, it consisted of 27% scolding Americans about racism and gun control, and 8% addressing the global ISIS threat.

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But did you also realize that President Obama has already shown that — and I’m not being ironic here — he absolutely knows what must happen to ensure safety.  I don’t mean he really wants to see it happen, but he absolutely understands what is necessary. He let slip this comprehension when he spoke to another nation about their security issues.

Those of you following the news will have heard about a security gap in the Middle East where ISIS members are crossing back and forth at the Turkish border.

So Obama gave Turkey the same advice you or I might give them.  Secure your border. Yes. Obama actually told a sovereign nation to secure its border. This, of course shows us all that Obama UNDERSTANDS the problem but he just doesn’t CARE about the solution.

Obama administrators said, “Enough is enough. The border needs to be sealed, this is an international threat, and it’s all coming out of Syria, and it’s coming through Turkish territory.”

Turkey did not appreciate Obama telling them to close their border with Syria. (Here’s one theory why.) They mocked Obama, and pointed to the Mexican border.

What have we learned here? Obama actually does know the value of having border checkpoints to screen potential inbound threats.

He is well aware that some percentage of the people crossing the Southern border have violent and criminal pasts, but sees no pressing need to screen them out.

He would know (at least, Academically) HOW to protect America. He just doesn’t see America as worth protecting. It’s more important to fundamentally change her. How tragic for America that she voted for an administration that esteems her so poorly.

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