ANOTHER PARIS STYLE ATTACK: ISIS Wreaks Havoc At Starbucks And Shopping Mall Killing Seven

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ISIS is wreaking havoc around the world. Another attack has just happened in Jakarta, in a similar style to the Paris attacks.

A fresh round of explosions have been heard in Jakarta hours after an ISIS death squad launched a series of attacks that left seven dead in the city.

Kompas TV reported on its Twitter account that the blasts were heard near the shopping mall where the deadly siege took place this morning.

It came after police found a ‘terrorist toolkit’ carried by the militants after they died in suicide bomb blasts or gunbattles in the Indonesian capital.

The terrifying arsenal of bombs, guns, ammunition and knives were found in a jihadist’s rucksack after the three-hour attack.

One of the fanatics had earlier been seen training his handgun on potential victims while stalking the streets as terrified onlookers ran for their lives.

The final stand played out near a Starbucks in a bustling shopping area after the team of seven militants traded fire with police and blew themselves up.

Shocking footage shows one of the suicide bombers erupting into a ball of fire after detonating his explosives outside the American coffee chain.

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