BREAKING: Officer Reveals The Intense MOMENT That The Philly Cop Was Targeted by Muslim Attacker

Written by Omar Avila on January 8, 2016

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The shooter this time is a Muslim who “acted in the name of Islam” — and ISIS has claimed credit for it.

“He committed this act because he believes that the police defend laws that are contrary to Islam.” Normally, I would say, “So, the f*ck what? This ain’t Islamica. This is America. We do sh*t differently here.”

But, when you realize that Islam’s goal is to conquer the world and force it to submit to Sharia law, such a flippant remark seems quaintly inappropriate and insufficient.

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I can already hear President Obama releasing a statement: “This sounds like workplace violence to me! Hey, America, you know what would be a good solution? Importing 10,000 Muslim refugees”.

I guarantee that President Obama will start crying on National TV AGAIN about guns laws, instead of showing support to our brave officers who risk their lives every single day to protect us against the evil that is at our doorsteps. Our same officers who threaten to come hard after those who think about committing the same act of terrorism against our people.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Officer Jonny Castro describes in detail what happened when he and others responded to the call for help from Officer Jesse Hartnett as he was being shot at by the crazed ISIS gunman:

Last night, you were stopped at the red light at 60th and Spruce. You were working solo, probably bored out of your mind because it was a quiet night. As the light turned green, you proceeded through the intersection. What you didn’t see was a man approaching your driver side window with a fully loaded handgun by his side. Without warning or provocation, he raised his weapon and began firing into your vehicle. Shot after shot, bullets ripped through the driver side door. Relentlessly, he continued his assault and started to make his way closer: 9 feet. 6 feet. 3 feet.

Until finally his pistol was inside the driver side window of your vehicle. He continued to squeeze off rounds at point blank range. I know this because I watched the surveillance video showing his assassination attempt. You ducked your head down at just the right moment that rounds actually missed your head by inches. 3 bullets tore into your arm, shattering the bone and severing an artery. Without hesitation, you fought your attacker almost instantly. You drew your service weapon and viciously returned fire. It was literally a fight for life and death. Your shots were fierce and accurate enough that he retreated.

He was wounded but continued to fire as he fled. You exited your car and attempted to pursue this coward, but your gunshot wounds were too much. The blood poured out of your arm like a faucet and into the street. You hit the microphone on your radio “SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED! I’m shot, give me more units. 60th and Spruce. I’m bleeding profusely!” Every cop in the city and surrounding counties responded. I was only 2 minutes away, but it felt like it took me an hour.

We almost crashed 3 separate times trying to get to you. Other officers (who are in my squad and that I’m damn proud of) chased after the shooter and caught him a block away, the smoking pistol still in his possession. 2 officers threw you in their car and rushed you to Presbyterian hospital where their trauma unit and surgeons worked through the night to stop the bleeding.

After standing out on that crime scene. After seeing the sea of spent shell casings and the steaming bullet holes hammered into your car door. After watching the surveillance video and replaying the scenario over and over again in my head, you definitely shouldn’t be here right now. It should have been 100 times worse. Not many people would have survived an ambush like that.

He got the drop on you and had every intention of killing a cop. Whether it was your training, his lack of training, some divine intervention or a combination of all 3; It simply wasn’t your time. God was watching over you. You did great last night. You made the 18th district and the entire Department proud of you. You are a hero. January 7th will forever be your alive day. Rest up Jesse Hartnett

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