Demoralized Americans — The Result of Seven Years of Barack Obama’s ‘Leadership’

Written by Allan Erickson on January 17, 2016

Barack Obama’s essential problem is one of attitude.   As a country, our main problem is demoralization.  The one goes hand in hand with the other.   Obama’s bad attitude and negative approach to governing is discouraging across the board, especially when we see his policies fail, over and over.  We’ve had to learn the hard way that leading from behind is not leading.

Traditionally in America, our notion of ideal leadership points to public service, with an emphasis on “service”. Servant leadership, to us, is paramount. The servant leader is like the shepherd Christ spoke about, the one that cares so much about the flock he is willing to lay down his life for them.  With honesty and integrity, Washington and Lincoln delivered this kind of leadership.  One does not get that sense from Obama. He is no servant leader.  He cares little for people.  He appears bothered by us, impatient with us, annoyed by our presence. He is certainly not willing to die us, but he gladly sends others into battle to die for him.  His actions betray his heart.

Servant leaders understand that healthy, vital relationships are absolutely required for success.  Obama appears thoroughly disinterested in relationships with others in government, particularly Congress.  Consequently, Washington has been frozen in rancor and gridlock, incapable of solving any problem.  Of course, Obama blames Republicans for all this.  Obama never takes responsibility, and his disdain for others reaches beyond Washington.

For seven years he has acted many times completely against the will of the people instead of providing servant leadership. On all these issues he has completely ignored majority sentiment: ObamaCare, finance reform, stimulus spending, gun control, unrestricted publicly-funded abortion, veterans’ benefits, climate change policy, taxes, government spending, morale in the military, foreign policy, and social/moral issues. When you consider his agenda to force immorality on people, his numerous violations of the Constitution he swore to uphold, and his incredible lawlessness, it can be no surprise he is held in contempt, even by huge numbers of Democrats.

No, Barack Obama is no servant leader. He is more concerned with pushing his agenda than he is serving the people who elected him. He is preoccupied with self-aggrandizement. It is now obvious–despite his flowery words–he cares little for others, but greatly for himself.  The man found incapable of persuasion is reduced to blustering and bullying, provoking resentment and resistance, Obama’s legacy.  It’s a kind of arrogance that leaves him contemptuous of the people he supposedly serves, setting a terrible example, the opposite of inspirational leadership.  

The consequences are real.  His negative, condescending attitude creates a pervasive disrespect, and worse.

He has set a selfishness tone, a “me first” agenda, encouraging the grievance/entitlement culture and the divisions that come with it. Minorities and the poor have suffered the most, those he promised to help.  Like most of his promises, these people have been forgotten. The servant leader inspires others to service, unity and patriotism as did JFK and Reagan. The self-absorbed “leader” encourages selfishness, applauding a focus on base instincts.

Add dishonesty to Obama’s negative attitudes toward Americans and the selfishness culture he has advanced.  Obama’s dishonesty is so deep, so pervasive, and so long standing, it has become a lifestyle.  He lies with such ease, one doubts the presence of conscience.  He has infused contemporary debate and discussion with negativity, selfishness and dishonesty to the point youth celebrates all of it.  He has moved us from amorality to immorality, the purposeful corrosion of an entire culture, the ground work accomplished for him by the Clintons, and people like Bernie Sanders, Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx and Bill Ayers.

Self-centered egomaniacs like Obama and Co. deceive masses of people, urging them to embrace and celebrate immorality, decline, depression, demoralization and defeat, calling it “progressive”.

We can survive anything, except demoralization. Therefore, the next government must be filled with inspirational leaders who practice servant leadership, guided by founding principles and traditional values.

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Allan Erickson
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