TALK SHOW HOST: ‘Black Quarterbacks Like To Run Because They’re Used To Running From The Law’

Welcome to Obamaland, where everyone is offended by something and political correctness rules. Will he be forced into submission and re-educated?

Former Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley is no stranger to controversy having once been banned from radio after calling quarterback Troy Aikman a ‘queer’.

And now Manley has found himself in hot water for a second time after making yet more ill-judged remarks about quarterbacks.

This time, while speaking on CBS station WUSA about the mobility of black quarterbacks, Manley suggested that they ‘like to run because they’re probably used to running from the law.’

While one of the hosts can be heard letting out a shocked laugh off screen, the man sitting next to Manley visibly squirms before casting his eyes downward.

Manley quickly apologized for the remark, however, coming back on air a short time later to say: ‘I made a comment earlier about black quarterbacks, and I do apologize.

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