WATCH: Woman Confronts Starbucks Cashier Who ADMITS to $200 Credit Card Theft

Do we now live in a world where we can’t even trust the cashier at Starbucks?

A California woman posted a video on YouTube of her confronting a Starbucks employee for making a copy of her credit card and spending $200 at a local grocery store.

Elizabeth Becerra from Victoriaville, California, and her brother were waiting in the drive-thru at Starbucks when she accused the cashier of taking her credit card details on New Year’s Day.

Becerra said the 19-year-old cashier was caught on camera after telling her that she needed more receipt paper.

The video starts with Becerra’s brother asking her what she’s going to say to the cashier and Becerra said: ‘We’re gonna get even, that’s what we’re gonna do.

‘I’m going to say, I hope them $212 were worth it of groceries yesterday because I filed a f**king police report and your corporate already knows about it.’

As they approached the drive-thru window, the cashier greets Becerra and hands her the order and her credit card.

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