Angela Merkel Promises to ‘CONVERT’ Muslim Refugees So They’ll Treat Women Better

Published on February 13, 2016

Angela Merkel has another brilliant idea for making sure Muslim refugees treat women better…and by brilliant we mean idiotic.

A close Merkel ally has said the German chancellor will “convert” misogynistic migrants, and bring them in line with Germany’s more progressive attitudes.

Peter Altmaier who is both the German federal refugee coordinator and a member of Angela Merkel’s own Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) said that Mrs. Merkel will convert these misogynistic migrants’ attitudes toward women into something more in line with German progressive attitudes, reports the Kurier.

He sat on a panel at the Munich Security Conference Friday when a local politician told him that many migrants in local asylum centres refused to listen to the instructions of female workers and refused food and money from them demanding that they would only accept aid from fellow men.

Altmaier answered the question by saying that the asylum workers should tell each migrant who does not listen to a woman that he must respect women like he would respect Chancellor Merkel. “you have to explain to him that there are hundreds of thousands of “Angela Merkels” in Germany who have just as much to say,” and that they should treat women with the same reverence.

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