Austin Cop Kills Naked BLACK Teen Who Bum Rushed Him… Cue The RIOTS In Three… Two… One

Published on February 10, 2016

When are the riots going to start again? Do you think this cop was in the right for using deadly force or could this have been prevented?

An unarmed naked black teenager was fatally shot by an Austin police officer.

David Joseph, 17, refused orders to stop and charged at the officer, according to Austin police.

Police Chief of Staff Brian Manley says Officer Geoffrey Freeman fatally shot Joseph on Monday when the teen refused orders to stop and charged at the officer.

Police said they received multiple calls of a naked black male acting erratically just before 10.00am Monday.

Manley says Freeman initially responded to a report of one male chasing another through an Austin apartment complex.

When Freeman, who is also black, got to the neighborhood, he could not find any potential suspect.

He cleared the call but stayed in the neighborhood, eventually locating Joseph shortly after 10.30am.

Joseph was naked when Freeman found him and was not in possession of any weapon.

In a verbal statement issued shortly after the shooting, Freeman said that he provided Joseph with an initial set of commands, but that Joseph did not respond to them.

Instead, Freeman said, Joseph charged at him and he fired his handgun.

Tuesday at the press conference, Manley declined to speculate as to why Freeman did not deploy his Taser, according to the Austin Chronicle.

Freeman has been an Austin police officer for 10 years. He’s been put on administrative duty.

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